The Key to Startup Growth: Better Attribution Insights

In today’s competitive online environment, accurate marketing attribution is essential for creating and managing high ROAS advertising campaigns.

Businesses of all sizes can use purpose-built software to track the touchpoints in each customer’s journey, allocate ad spending more efficiently, and optimize the path to conversion across all marketing paid, earned, and organic channels.

For startups, small businesses, and individual entrepreneurs, the barrier to entry isn’t the technology or even the cost – it’s usually time. Attribution data might be widely available and easy to access but turning that data into an actionable strategy requires human insight and expertise. Effective attribution insights are not created in a vacuum.

Not only does Atrilyx offer a dashboard with your data centralized in one place, it shows you each marketing effort’s direct and assisted impact, and pairs you with an expert to help you make insights actionable along the way.

Want to optimize your ad spend? Start by understanding assisted attribution.

Atrilyx’s pixel-based multi-touch attribution platform gives your organization the ability to efficiently track and quantify all relevant touchpoints in the customer journey. It also enables you to see the top converting sales paths and reorganize your sales funnels (and ad spend) accordingly. One thing that most attribution software’s cannot do is provide the human guidance required to turn assisted attribution into actionable ROAS results.

Attributing touchpoints is important…but it’s what you do with the data that ultimately determines your success.

To put attribution insights to work, there are two common paths forward: you either need to train your own team to interpret the data, then build logic for it, and optimize your campaigns or hire 3rd party professionals to do the job for you. Neither option is particularly attractive for early-stage startups, as it draws resources away from other key operational concerns. Fortunately, there’s a better path forward to save time, increase your brain power, and do so at an affordable cost.

Atrilyx combines best-in-class source-of-truth attribution data and real human insights in one user-friendly dashboard

In addition to multi-touch attribution tracking, single-source insights, and an easy-to-use, centralized dashboard, the Atrilyx platform includes on-demand expert support from a dedicated team of strategists. Rather than paying through the teeth to consult with an agency or running the risk of misinterpreting your data and making costly decisions, you can speak directly to an expert that helps you navigate the dashboard, glean insights, and make actionable next steps. Put simply, Atrilyx takes powerful, industry-leading attribution technology and brings it to life with human insights from experienced growth marketing strategists. Startups gain enterprise-level abilities without having to devote in-house resources to the task.

The best part? With Atrilyx on your side, you no longer need to waste time deduping data or second-guessing your campaign – between our software and the dedicated expert, all your bases are covered.

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