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As a small business owner, your ad campaigns are often competing directly with Medium and Large sized companies that have incomparable budgets, bigger teams, and more resources. It’s difficult enough to launch and manage successful campaigns while stretched thin between your core marketing, advertising, and PR functions – scaling up your operations with multi-touch attribution, source-of-truth insights, and conversion path optimization adds a new level of complexity to things.

Fortunately, thanks to some pretty spectacular developments in marketing software, you don’t need to increase the size of your marketing team to increase the impact of your results. You don’t need to bloat your budget or work with outsourced 3rd party marketers either. All you need is access to the right tools, technologies, and experts.

When it comes to small business marketing, technology is the great equalizer

Data is the most valuable resource in digital marketing – the ability to make informed decisions based on real-time insights and historical results is arguably the single biggest competitive advantage at your disposal. This paired with your small business’s ability to be nimble, make decisions quickly and without red tape, gives you an ever-stronger leg up on your larger competition. When it comes to online advertising, a small business with a laser-focused strategy centered around true attribution can outperform a larger competitor that doesn’t know what to do with or cannot rapidly act on its data.

This advantage has never been easier to access and Atrilyx’s powerful attribution dashboard paired with an ex-VP of Marketing is the key to unlocking the door to long term success. Utilizing a proprietary universal pixel, Atrilyx integrates with popular marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, Trade Desk, Google, and many more to track your customer’s different journeys and path to conversion – attributing all touchpoints in one centralized, easy-to-use dashboard. In addition to source-of-truth reporting (which leads to insights) that can be used to optimize conversion paths, analyze the paid impact on organic, improve CPA, AOV, ROAS, and other KPIs, Atrilyx also provides you with on-demand access to a dedicated marketing attribution expert directly within the platform.

Level up your marketing team with the click of a button

Though the Atrilyx platform is widely used by the marketing departments of high-performing global brands like Panasonic and Mercedes Benz, its impact is also great among smaller companies. Incorporating Atrilyx’s sophisticated marketing attribution capabilities into your campaigns is like adding a new growth marketing leader to the team (with no training required).

This is about more than just the powerful, pixel-based technology. If you’re ever feeling stuck, or you just want to take your strategy to the next level – there’s a dedicated marketing attribution expert to help you make sense of your data, glean insights and make actionable recommendations.

Another major benefit is the platform’s ease of use. Atrilyx was designed to seamlessly integrate into the marketing channels your company is already using and lead actionable, source-of-truth insights about the true effectiveness of each campaign.

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