What is Marketing Attribution?

Marketing attribution is a marketing measurement technique that determines the value of each and every touchpoint in the customer journey that results in a conversion.
A multi-touch marketing attribution approach is critical for ensuring that your marketing efforts are measured effectively.

Why is Marketing Attribution Important?

Marketing attribution has countless benefits, but most importantly it aggregates all your omni-channel marketing data so you can see the full picture of which efforts are working best.
This allows you to better understand what matters most to your target audience throughout their journey and which aspects of the customer experience are most influential when they’re making a decision.
When you understand the path behind each conversion, you are in a better position to customize your marketing and sales efforts for future conversions.
To maximize the ROI of your marketing efforts, multi-touch attribution reveals which ad networks are providing the most value. Having one source of truth for all your marketing data across all campaigns takes the guesswork out of budget allocation, and allows you to begin investing more into the channels that convert.

What are Attribution Models?

Attribution models offer a more precise understanding of how all touchpoints in the customer journey work together to drive leads and conversions.
Many advertisers are used to measuring the success of their online advertising on a “last click” basis. This measures which touchpoint a customer last clicked on or engaged with before converting, and gives it 100% of the credit to whoever “last clicked”. However, this ignores the previous ad interactions customers may have had before their last click conversion.
Attribution modeling allows marketers to take a holistic view of their advertising efforts and assigns value to each and every touchpoint in the user experience.

What is an Assisted Conversion?

Assisted conversions are the touchpoints that a customer has with a website leading up to a conversion, but not the final interaction. The higher the amount of assisted conversions, the more value the channel has in influencing that conversion.

What is Marketing Attribution Software?

Marketing attribution software is technology designed to help you with attribution tracking, reporting, analysis, and more. These tools help automate and systematize marketing attribution analytics that are essential for optimizing marketing campaigns and ROI.

How does Atrilyx™ Help Solve for Attribution?

By placing just one pixel, Atrilyx™ allows you to analyze the performance of all your marketing campaigns and efforts with built-in analytics and reports – having one source of truth, all in one dashboard.
Atrilyx’s multi-touch marketing attribution software integrates and processes all of your marketing data, allowing you to improve ROI across multiple channels, campaigns, and keywords.
Atrilyx’s attribution models, including first click, last click, and linear attribution measure the customer journey in eye-opening ways to help guide you on where you should be spending your marketing budget.
Within the Atrilyx™ dashboard, you’ll get access to multiple reports that allow you to gain insights into your true ROAS by combining multi-touch attribution with customer journey data that’s then matched to media spend data.

What is the Role of an Atrilix™ Expert?

Simply stated, Atrilyx™ is much more than a dashboard. You’ll be assigned a dedicated marketing attribution expert who will help guide your marketing efforts and provide deeper data insights to assist you in identifying the top channels needed to optimize your campaigns and improve ROAS.

Which Ad Networks Can Atrilyx™ Integrate with?

Atrilix™ can connect with all the major ad networks and we regularly add new connectors. If we don’t have a source you need, let us know and we can add it.

Can Atrilyx™ Track Phone Calls?

Yes, in addition to website tracking, Atrilix’s integrated call tracking gives businesses an accurate Return on Investment by collecting and reporting on information from phone calls generated by ad campaigns.

Is Atrilyx™ PII Compliant?

Atrilyx™ is built to address Privacy and Compliance for individuals using the UID for CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA. No Personally identifiable information (PII) data is passed into our platform, as it is hashed and stripped at the ETL and Marketing Platform level.