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Attribute the past.

Predict the future.

Increase your ROI. 

Track the Customer Journey

Our Universal Pixel delivers multi-touch attribution for all your marketing data to be stored in one secure platform. When a conversion happens, we’ll match it to all previous interactions and connect the dots for you.

Close the Attribution Loop

Measure direct and assisted campaign performance across all marketing touchpoints to improve customer acquisition costs and ROAS.

Get Expert-Led Insights

Get access to one centralized dashboard, with a dedicated strategist to help make sense of all your marketing data.

- Sergio Alvarez, Ai Media Group CEO

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Integrates With All Your Marketing Channels

For all your preferred marketing channels, we work seamlessly with the top marketing apps and networks.

Stay up to date on attribution with our latest industry leading insights.

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How Trial Works

We provide white glove onboarding to our platform, including personalize 1:1 calls.

1. Get onboarded.

Get free access to our platform and a 1:1 strategist call along the way.

2. Start using Atrilyx.

3. Get a dedicated marketing strategist.

Benefit from the expertise of a dedicated marketing strategist, who acts as an extension of your team to provide crucial insights at every step of your customer experience funnel. This strategist ensures you make informed decisions to effectively navigate the complexities of marketing attribution.

Decide if you want to upgrade after 3 months, or continue with free access for as long as you want.

4. You're in control.

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How Much Does Atrilyx Cost?

Experience Atrilyx with a 3-month free trial, featuring our single source-of-truth marketing attribution platform and the expertise of a dedicated strategist, who acts as an extension of your team, to enhance your marketing strategies.

Our commitment your success.

Watch what makes us different

At Atrilyx, we understand that every marketing challenge is unique. That's why our pricing is customized to fit your specific needs, taking into account the variety of networks we connect you to and the volume of data we manage.

A nominal $99 fee at the end of the first month covers essential implementation and data costs, setting the stage for you to fully harness Atrilyx’s potential in your marketing attribution journey.

Minimal investment for the maximum return.

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Grow your Business with Atrilyx

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One universal pixel. ​
One unbiased dashboard.​
One coordinated strategy.

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